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The updated DELTA-AX series features improved internal electronics. The newly designed power components ensure high performance and extreme reliability.

DELTA-AX can easily be recognised with the iconic Wharfedale Pro boomerang logo routed into the top surface.
Capable of producing extraordinary levels of SPL and output, inside every DELTA-AX speaker are high headroom amplifiers exclusively engineered by Wharfedale Pro. The 2 way 12” and 15” models also feature an integrated 2 channel mixer with onboard Qubit DSP insuring smoother and more controlled sonic performance.
DELTA-AX is constructed from birch plywood and features dual angle pole mounts to ensure that your sound is aimed directly at the audience, not at the ceiling.
….and it is ready for installation
Multiple rigging points and durable construction also make DELTA-AX a great installation solution. Clubs, restaurants and houses of worship around the world already rely on DELTA systems day in, day out.

Key Features

  • 15″ two-way bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • Premium Baltic birch construction
  • 750w Continuous power
  • 1500w Peak power
  • 90° x 45° dispersion
  • 2″ HF Compression driver
  • 3″ LF voice coil
  • Advanced Internal QuBit DSP
Around the back are a host of features Dual mic inputs with combi-jack connections for line inputs. RCA inputs for easy connection to consumer level audio sources. Hands-on EQ control for Hi and Low frequencies Balanced Link output to connect to more active loudspeakers. Hi Pass filter switch to roll off low end when using in a monitor position.
DELTA-AX uses premium Baltic birch plywood construction. Not only does this create a solid and durable cabinet, but also contributes to the overall sound. DELTA-AX is also covered in our most durable and hard wearing Rhino Rock paint finish. This ensures that a DELTA-AX will always look as good as the day you unboxed it.
DELTA-AX features a routed Wharfedale Pro logo. This fresh design helps to distinguish between the original DELTA-A models and the updated DELTA-AX models. It is also a logo to be proud of. A logo that lets your audience know that the sound of your even will be of the highest possible quality.
Inside the DELTA-AX15 are two, highly efficient Class D amplifiers. Using convection cooling, DELTA-AX models do not use any internal fans. Fans add to product weight, ambient noise and can lead to unreliability. DELTA-AX has no fans! The two amplifiers are dedicated to each driver. One amp for the HF and one amp for the LF. This perfect matching ensures that the DELTA-AX is highly efficient, converting as much as the laws of physics allow to be converted into audible output power.


Model Name DELTA-AX15
System type Active 2-way bi-amplified
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 50Hz – 20kHz
Frequency range (-10dB) 45Hz – 20kHz
Calculated Max SPL @1m 131dB
LF Transducer 15″
Coil size 3″
HF Transducer Compression driver
Coil size 2″
Exit size 1.4″
Diaphragm material Titanium
Nominal coverage 90° x 45°
LF Power amp 650w RMS Class D
HF Power amp 100w RMS Class D
Protection Power switch on / off mute, Thermal, Low line voltage, DC and Short, Clip limiters
Hardware M10 x 6
35mm pole socket
2 x Rubberised 4-way handles
Enclosure 15mm plywood
Rhino rock paint
Grille material 1.2mm Steel
Height 700mm / 27.56″
Width (front) 446mm / 17.56″
Width (rear) 281.4mm / 11.08″
Depth 406mm / 15.98″
Height 803mm / 31.6”
Width (front) 638mm / 25.1”
Width (rear) 366mm / 14.4”
Depth 498mm / 19.6”
Weight Net 33.0kg / 72.6lbs
Weight Gross 38.5kg / 84.7lbs

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